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'illi' blends the best elements of a home and hotel.


Remember all the fun you used to have at sleepovers when you were younger? Relive the best sleepover experience you had as a child but with a serious upgrade.

The concept of illi is simple: The ultimate sleepover experience for millennials on-the-go.
Discover Tokyo’s hippest hub for vintage fashion, vinyl records, music, coffee, bars and more…
Experience Nakano: The somewhat therapeutic mix of the old and new, the calm and clutter and reality and fantasy…
illi Com Shimokitazawa
The "illi Com Shimokitazawa" hotel under the "illi" brand opened in 2023.
Located a 3-minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station.
With spacious rooms and facilities suitable for long-term stays, it is ideal for families and groups.
illi Mani Shibuya
illi Mani Shibuya | 10min. walk from Shibuya
Shibuya is a place where diverse cultures and people of many nationalities mingle together. At "illi Mani Shibuya," we have created a hotel where families and groups of people can stay for a long period of time based on the concept of local culture, art, music, and art in Shibuya. It will be a hotel where families and groups can stay for a long period of time.
Also, when you step out of the hotel, you will be surrounded by Tokyo's representative restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, and record stores.
The hotel will be a unique experience only possible at "illi Mani Shibuya".
illi Enu Yotsuya
Excellent location, only one stop away from Shinjuku.
The "Shinmichi-dori Shopping Street" in front of the station has many deep dining establishments, The street is rich in variety, from popular izakaya (Japanese style pubs) to Asian and South American cuisine.
Recommended for those who want a gourmet experience in Japan.
The nearby "Suga Shrine" is the setting for a world-famous anime.
It is a popular spot for foreign visitors to Japan as a sacred place for anime fans to make a pilgrimage.
illi Tas Shinjuku
Three minutes by train from Shinjuku Station, which attracts domestic and international tourists as a center of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Located near the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, this hotel is ideal for medium- to long-term stays. After a day of sightseeing in the Kanto region, you can relax and unwind at "illi Tas Shinjuku".
At illi, we curate spacious and stylish accommodations which combine the comfort of a home and the hospitality of a hotel. Thoughtfully designed with a gentle nod to the culture and ambience of the locality, our rooms seamlessly blend into their respective neighborhoods while offering experiences that are slightly out of the ordinary. Perhaps the new encounters, discoveries and experiences cultivated at illi have the potential to influence change in your overbooked life? We’ve prepared a luxurious yet playful hideout that’s bound to awaken your inner child…