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7F~8F 1-9-4, Arai, Nakano-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 165-0026

illi Group

Pass through our wildly vivid, chaotic entrance and beyond the graffiti-laden door you’ll be greeted by a spacious, stylish room flowing over 70m² (753 ft²) with the capacity to accommodate up to 8 guests.
To make your stay as comfortable as possible, our rooms are self-contained and fully equipped with a kitchenette, laundry and a large smart TV- The perfect home away from home to return to after a day of exploring the charms of Tokyo and the eclectic neighborhood. Whether you decide to cook up a storm with your friends, stream a movie or throw a small house party, illi Nakano is the sure-fire location to make the most amazing memories!
クールでクレイジーなエントランスを抜けた先は、最大8名での宿泊が可能な70㎡を超える広々とした空間がお出迎え。キッチンや大型スマートテレビなど長期滞在でも快適に過ごせる設備を完備しております。中野散策を思いきり楽しんだ後は、illi Nakanoで快適にお過ごしください。仲間と一緒に料理をしたり、ゆっくり映画を見たり、ちょっとしたパーティーでも。素敵な思い出の舞台としてilli Nakanoを是非お楽しみください。

Nakano is a town that embraces all kinds of individuality, and the presence of cultural and entertainment landmarks, “Nakano Broadway” and “Nakano Sunplaza”, have played a vital role in forming the neighborhood’s identity as a hub for rich and diverse subcultures. With the area’s gentrification, Nakano has experienced an influx of young singles and students who have settled in the area seeking to express themselves and inundate themselves with what they love most. Lose yourself in this ridiculously attractive, awe-inspiring district and find your own memorabilia to cherish!
Located only 4 minutes from Shinjuku on the Chuo Line, 6 minutes from Takadanobaba and 10 minutes from Kichijoji, access to popular districts (particularly amongst Millennials) is a breeze. In Nakano, you will see a disorganized, yet somewhat therapeutic mix of the old and new, the calm and clutter and reality and fantasy. From noodles to idols, there’s so much in store...
In addition to the larger events held at Nakano Sun Plaza, the neighborhood offers various music events at live houses and street performances every week. Take a stroll from the Nakano Sun Mall shopping district, down through to Nakano Broadway and you’ll witness a grand showcase of passersby interests and hobbies.

Nakano is a neighborhood that welcomes people from all walks of life. Our rooms are designed to be spacious, with ceilings set high to echo the neighborhood’s sense of freedom and homey ambience.


S-Fit中野ビル 7F-8F
7F~8F 1-9-4, Arai, Nakano-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 165-0026
Nakano St. North gate
中野駅北口 6min